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FDA Puts Stop to Nicotine Lollipops

Pharmacists, kids take a licking.

by Essie McShepherd
April 15, 2002

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FDA Puts Stop to Nicotine Lollipops_Essie McShepherd-Pharmacists, kids take a licking. Washington (PO) – The Food and Drug Administration warned several pharmacies to stop selling nicotine lollipops. The FDA stated that these products are “unapproved drugs,” despite the pharmacies’ claim that the lollipops are to help smokers quit the habit.

The FDA’s main concern over the nicotine lollipops was that the lollipops had not been tested for safety and are made from a different form of nicotine than is found in patches and gum. The FDA also said the “candy-like products present a risk of accidental use by children.”

“The quantity of nicotine could be potentially dangerous to a small child,” according to FDA attorney David Horowitz.

“That is totally preposterous,” said one pharmacist, who wished to remain anonymous. “We only carry them in cherry and grape flavors, and they’re up here on the shelf where kids can’t reach them. See, they’re right here next to the Blow-Pops and Tootsie Pops. Anyone can see they’re not the same thing.”

However, most pharmacies selling the nicotine lollipops have agreed to comply with the FDA, and are stopping sales of the now illegal pops.

“This is gonna hurt,” stated an eleven-year-old customer, who wanted to be identified only as “Jimmy.” “Using the pops has helped me down to just half a pack a day.”

Jimmy went on to say he first became addicted to cigarettes when he saw a Joe Camel ad. “I thought if a cartoon camel thought smoking was cool, and if it didn’t bother him, then it would be okay for me.”

Big tobacco companies deny having any hand in the creation on the nicotine lollipops, but are awaiting the outcome of the nicotine lollipops before they introduce their line of nicotine Gummi Bears and tobacco-flavored fruit roll-ups. The new products would be marketed “for adults, of course.”

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FDA Puts Stop to Nicotine Lollipops
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