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Dr. Spin Meets the Press

A bonus article from our new music columnist.

by Dr. Spin
April 26, 2002

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Dr. Spin Meets the Press_Dr. Spin-A bonus article from our new music columnist. Note: The following is a transcription of a press conference held by Dr. Spin to announce his arrival on the PO.

Question: Why have you decided to write for the Partial Observer?

Dr. Spin: Money.

(Laughter from the press)

Q: What were you doing before the PO?

A: I had breakfast. No, actually I’m quite fond of the PO, and while I enjoyed Dear Jon, James Leroy Wilson, and the others, I felt that the PO was really lacking something. I noticed that the Music section hadn’t had an article in several months and thought, whoa, they need me.

Q: Do you think you’ll fit in?

A: Oh, sure. I get along with all the staff, even the evil Webmaster.

Q: Some people are saying that you’re just a Dear Jon impersonator. How do you respond to that?

A: I don’t have time to look that up.

(Laughter from the press)

Like I said, I’m a big fan of Dear Jon and all the PO staff. I just hope to be able to contribute to such a fine staff.

Q: And how do you find the PO?

A: I type www.partialobserver.com into my web server.

Q: What do you call your haircut?

A: Arthur.

Q: What makes you qualified to answer questions on music?

A: Well, I do have my degree in Rockology. I love music and I love the stories behind the music. I like “Behind the Music” too.

Q: But is that enough to qualify you?

A: Look, I’ve listened to more records than Jesus Christ!

(Stunned silence)

Q: Will you really answer people’s questions on music?

A: As best I can.

Q: Isn’t this interview just a way out of writing your monthly column?

A: No, I still plan to write regular column. This is just a bonus, to let our readers get to know me better.

Q: There are rumors that you plan to write more than monthly, that your column might be weekly?

A: Well, I have lots of enthusiasm for my column, and lost of ideas. Originally I thought, “Well, I can crank out an article a month,” but I realized I got a lot more to say. And hopefully I will get enough fan mail to keep the whole thing going. But a weekly article is still a lot of pressure. I’m negotiating with the Webmaster as to maybe making it every other week, at least until I get sick of talking, then maybe move it back to monthly. It’s all up to our readers really.

Q: Has success spoiled you yet?

A: Yes.

Q: Do we need to wrap up this interview?

A: Yes, I think we do.

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Dr. Spin Meets the Press
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