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47 for 46 for 45

My favorite movies since when I was born

by James Leroy Wilson
March 15, 2016

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47 for 46 for 45
I'm 45 years old, and was born in 1970, which was 46 years ago, but the 47th year since 1970.
In any case, I thought I'd list 47 of my favorite movies since 1970.
You may ask, "Where's the Godfather and Part II?" I never actually saw them, only a re-eedited "novel for television" while a teenager. I need to do that.
"Where's Raging Bull?" This is about my favorite movies that I like to rewatch, not necessarily the most artistically excellent.
"Where's Stanley Kubrick?" If I'm listing the top 100 or 200, he'd be there a few times.
"Where's Ferris Bueller?" It might have resonated more with you more than me.
"Where's Dirty Dancing? Grease? Titanic?" Not here.
"Why is it heavily laden with movies from the 70's?" Because either movies were better back then, or I have a greater affcection for them because I was young and less critical.
This list is not a ranking. It's what poppoed into my head as I wrote. 
"So why is the top of the list what any 45 year-old American white guy would put there?" Becuase I'm a 45 year-old American white guy. 
Star Wars
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Die Hard
Back to the Future
A Christmas Story
All the President's Men
Taxi Driver
The Silver Streak
The Bad News Bears
Foul Play
The Inlaws
What's Up, Doc?
There's Something About Mary
Finding Nemo
Pulp Fiction
The Shawshank Redemption
The Matrix
Paper Moon
The Cowboys
True Grit (remake)
Smokey and the Bandit
Midnight Run
The Naked Gun
Blazing Saddles
Broadway Danny Rose
Crimes and Midemeanors
This is Spinal Tap
The Fog of War
Reservoir Dogs
The Sting
The Right Stuff
My Dinner With Andre
The Fugitive
My Cousin Vinny
Midnight Run
Oh, God!
Welcome to the Dollhouse

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