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Three Threats to America

Palestine, Islam and Terrorism

by Sal Rosken
August 6, 2002

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Three Threats to America_Sal Rosken-Palestine, Islam and Terrorism There are three major threats facing Americans today: first, the threat posed by the ever increasing probability that the Israeli/Palestinian War will erupt into a broader regional conflict involving the United States; second, the threat posed to United States interests abroad by the spread of radical Islamic Imperialism throughout the free world; and third, the threat to American lives and property at home and abroad posed by Islamic terrorism.

The Israeli Palestinian War

It is now abundantly clear that neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians have the political will to engage in meaningful negotiations for the purpose of establishing a permanent solution to the Mid East conflict.

In the early seventies, when the United States was struggling to extricate itself from Vietnam, the suggestion was often made that the U.S. should "just declare Victory and get out". While on the surface this may seem a facetious statement, just such a strategy appears to be the only hope Israel has, in the absence of a true partner in peace negotiations, of ending the violence and ensuring Israel's continued existence. Since Israel is the overwhelmingly dominant combatant in the conflict, it is incumbent upon Israel to take the unilateral steps required to establish peace.

This will require courage, imagination and a willingness to ignore world opinion. In order to secure it's future Israel must take the following eight unilateral actions, some sequentially, others concurrently.

Step One: Israel must immediately dismantle all settlements in the occupied territories. It must finally recognize and admit the idea of settlements was a regrettable mistake. The argument that land can be deeded to a people by a 2000 year old religious text of unknown authorship, whose writer existed before the invention of electricity, the internal combustion engine, radio, and aviation must be exposed for the anachronistic canard it is. Israeli settlers should be compensated financially for the market value of the property they will lose and given a compensatory damages award for the suffering they endured due to Israel's ill-conceived settlement strategy.

Step Two: Israel must end the occupation and establish a symbolic "Great Wall or Fence of Israel" along the pre 1967 War boundaries. This Wall or fence, to rival the Great Wall of China, will serve to memorialize for the entire world the existence of Israel as a Jewish State and will be, importantly, more of a symbolic than actual, defense against future threats against Israel. One cannot discount the importance of symbols in the Mid East; and a Great Wall of Israel, in addition, to providing an economic stimulus and unifying project for the badly demoralized Israelis, will serve as a line in the sand for all Arabs to respect or pay a terrible price.

Step Three: A three mile security zone measured from the base of the Wall outward, in which no housing, settlements, farms, or personnel will be permitted should be established. Existing structures within the zone should be destroyed, occupants expelled and compensated, and Israel should state clearly and without hesitation anyone found within the security zone will be summarily destroyed militarily.

Step Four: Israel needs to expel all Arab Israelis from within the Great Wall. It is clear that Radical Islam has infected most, if not all, of the Arab and Muslim world with a rabid anti Jewish and Anti West hatred; and unfortunately only the separation of the two populations can lead to the end of the destructive violence now tearing the region apart. Expelled Arab Israelis, like the Israeli settlers, should be compensated for property lost and for damages resulting from their expulsion.

Those who view the compensated relocation of thousands of Israeli settlers and Arab Israelis as draconian need to view this measure within the broader context of history. As a result of World War II millions of European refugees were displaced; and between 1947 and 1948 over 15 million Indian Hindus and Muslims were relocated in the formation of Pakistan. Within the broader context of history, the displacement of thousands of Israeli settlers and Arab Israelis is not significant; and to assure a peace in the Mid East, well worth the sacrifice.

Step Five: Israel should physically dismantle the Wailing Wall and all other important Jewish religious structures located in Jerusalem and the West Bank and transport them to a location within the Great Wall designated as a re-consecrated holy site. Just as the massive ancient Egyptian temples and archaeological structures have been dismantled and moved to new locations, so the Jewish holy sites must be removed from the West bank to make Jerusalem a non issue.

This idea is not quite as far-fetched as it might first seem. A startling statistic, which many people are unaware of, is - only 20% of Israelis are religiously observant Jews. Sixty percent consider themselves to be somewhat religious, selecting quite arbitrarily what religious customs they choose to follow, while the remaining 20% consider themselves to be completely non religious and non observant. This presents a demographic picture in which 80% of the Israeli population considers religious observance to be a matter of personal choice, even convenience. This Israeli population must make the critical choice between a continued symbolic religious presence in Jerusalem, based upon an anachronistic putative "divine mandate", or a secure state of Israel within the 1967 borders supported by the world community.

Step Six: Israel must state that all Arabs, Palestinians and Muslims are forbidden to enter within the Great Wall of Israel and the three mile security zone. Palestinian refugees would be free to return and resettle within the West Bank and Gaza, but forbidden entry into Israel proper. If Muslim nations such as Saudi Arabia were permitted to ban Jews from entering their country, Israel should be permitted to ban Muslims from entering theirs. It is clear the majority of Muslims are so deeply contaminated with religious hatred they are incapable of peacefully coexisting with Jews or the West and separation is the only means to halt the killing.

Step Seven: Israel must establish and publicly declare a deterrence policy of “Guaranteed Multiplied Destruction”. After Israel has withdrawn from the occupied territories, and after it has established a pre 1967 War border, any future deaths of Israeli citizens or soldiers caused by Islamic or Palestinian suicide bombers or terrorists operating from within Palestine should result each time in the guaranteed destruction by massive military retaliation of a Palestinian city of Israel's choosing until a multiple ratio of Palestinian lives (100, 500, 1000) are lost for every Israeli life lost.

There is no moral or practical difference between such a "Guaranteed Multiplied Destruction" policy and the nuclear deterrence policy pursued by the United States and the Soviet Union during the last half of the 20th century which was known as Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD). And the Arabs themselves recognize the need for such a deterrence policy as in February of 1982, Syrian President Hafez al-Assad pursuing Sunni Muslim extremists totally destroyed the city of Hama killing an estimated 10,000 and crushing the Muslim extremist movement. Israel should not be prevented from implementing a deterrence policy that the United States, Soviet Union, and the Arab states themselves have seen fit to employ.

Step Eight: Israel should seek to enter into a treaty with the United States, the European Union and Russia that stipulates that any military attack on Israel by an Arab or Muslim nation will be met with by immediate unequivocal military retaliation by NATO, Russia and the US which will continue unabated until, and only until, the offending nation offers it's unconditional surrender.

Yasser Arafat, the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the Arab League are incapable of negotiating peace with Israel, so Israel must unilaterally establish the terms and conditions of it's own peace.

Islamic Imperialism

The greatest danger for the United States and the West lies in the Israeli Palestinian War deflecting our attention from eliminating the Islamic Terrorist threat to our civilization. The Radical Islamic Movement has already infected most of the Arab and Muslim world with an irrational and bigoted hatred for the West.

As demonstrated in its constant Anti-American remarks, the Arab and Muslim world has become expertly adept at using American culture and American foreign policy as scapegoats for it's own shortcomings and failures.

The fact that there is not a single free and open democracy in the entire Arab world is surely not all due to America's foreign policy?

And is it America's fault, after 50 years of purchasing billions of barrels of oil and making trillions of dollars in payments to OPEC nations, representing one of the largest transfers of wealth in the history of nations, that the Arab world still contains poverty, ignorance and social inequities?

And can it be that America has truly installed puppets in all Arab and Muslim nations for the sole purpose of oppressing the Arab and Muslim people? If so, then every American citizen and taxpayer should demand a new set of puppets for this set, whether it is President Mubarak of Egypt, the Saudi Royal family, Ghadaffi of Libya, Hussein of Iraq, Khatami of Iran or Assad of Syria, all exhibit a distinctly non- puppet like independence.

Surely, there is some accountability on the part of the Arabs and Muslims themselves for the social and political ills exhibited throughout the Arab and Muslim world? And here is a novel thought: perhaps it is even the Arabs and Muslims themselves who should be held accountable.

And while America's foreign policy may not at all times have been perfect, which Arab or Muslim nation can say that all of it's policies in dealing with other nations are perfect? Was Iraq's foreign policy perfect when it decided to launch an unprovoked invasion of Kuwait? Or was Saudi Arabia's foreign policy perfect when it recognized, funded and supported the brutally repressive Taliban regime in Afghanistan? Or was Pakistan's foreign policy perfect when it countenanced and actively supported the operation of thousands of radical Islamic madrasas teaching anti West and anti American propaganda? Or even more to the point, was Yasser Arafat's and the PLO's "foreign policy" decision perfect when they decided to reject the Camp David peace settlement in favor of the second intifada resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent Israelis and Palestinians, the ascendancy of Ariel Sharon and the ever increasing likelihood of World War III? In relative terms, compared to the foreign policy of these Arab and Muslim nations American foreign policy seems a model of beneficence and enlightenment.

The truth is America needs to examine it's foreign policy far less to determine why America is hated so much in the Arab and Muslim world, than the Arabs and Muslims themselves must examine first, why they have allowed religious extremists and a slavish devotion to authoritarian rule to prevent the establishment of democracy in the Mid east and second, why they have squandered the trillions of petrodollars on highways, palaces and weapons without building true schools (not madrasas), industries, and social services.

The sooner they ask the question, "What must we Muslims change in our societies to improve our lot in the world?", instead of asking "How can we blame America for our misfortunes?" the sooner they will find the solution to their problems.

And until such changes are made in the Islamic societies, diplomatic, economic and cultural relationships, as well as immigration, between the United States and the countries that contain radical Islamic populations should be terminated. In particular, the relationship with Saudi Arabia should come to an end, not because the United States has supported Israel against Saudi objections, but because Saudi Arabia has lost sight of the fact that everything it currently has it owes to the United States. The United States, its capital, people and technology, discovered and developed the Saudi Oil resources. The United States, its economy, automotive industry and population provided a ready market for the sale of Saudi Oil. The United States, its government, military and weapons protected Saudi Arabia against outside aggressors. Without the AM in ARAMCO the Saudis would still be nomads living in sand strewn tents, sipping tepid tea with no other means of transportation but the camel. No living Saudi, Royal or otherwise, has even the remotest right to presume to tell the United States what it must do to preserve the relationship with the Arab world. Every Saudi should ask not what the United States must do for them, but ask what they must do for the United States.

As a non Jew, non Muslim, non practicing Christian who considers himself to be a pragmatic secularist, I will agree that there is more the US can do to induce Israel to implement Peace steps, but when I observe the economies and societies that countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have built with billions of US Aid and compare them to that of Israel - I find it very difficult not to reach the conclusion that US Aid to Israel has been better spent and much more in US interests than the Aid given to the Muslim and Arab countries in the region.

The free people of the West can ill afford to ignore the threat to their freedoms and democracies which the Radical Islamic Movement in the Arab and Muslim countries represents. It is not the demagoguery disguised as religion, nor the blind hatred of Christians and Jews disguised as piety, nor even the fanatical suicide Jihadists masquerading as martyrs which represent a deadly threat to the free world.

The West, and anyone who cherishes free, open democracy, instead needs to fear mightily Islam's steadfast refusal to submit to or even acknowledge the concept of Constitutional Separation of Church and State. Wherever, Islam has gained even a tenuous foothold, an Islamic separatist movement seeking to destroy the existing secular government has quickly followed. Today Russia, India, the Balkans, the Philippines, China, and Southeast Asia are faced with the same Islamic Imperialism which historically confronted Spain, Sicily, and Austria.

The Separation of Church and State is such a fundamental and essential tenet of Freedom and Democracy; and so antithetical and heretical to Islam that the chasm and enmity between the two belief systems dwarfs that which existed between Captitalism and Communism during the last century.

Islamists have always refused to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and instead sought to replace Caesar with an absolutist theocratic oligarchy. Indeed the only good thing that can be said about the Islamists is that they are sincere in their beliefs and make no effort to hide their ultimate goals or the methods which they plan to use to achieve them. When an individual, or group publicly states that their purpose is to destroy you, to bring about your extinction, must you first allow them to strike out against you before you protect yourself? Is the United States government not permitted even justified in executing, based upon the stated goals and beliefs of the Islamists, a pre-emptive strike? Radical Islam's refusal to accept any constitutional separation of church and state poses a very real threat to the Western world and in particular this country.

The War on Terrorism

Within the many Islamic Mosques in our country there are radical Fundamentalists conspiring against freedom; these radicals, like the now imprisoned Sheik Rahman, who masterminded and conspired from a New York area Mosque the 1993 World Trade Center Plot or the two American Islamists who recently sought entry into Israel to commit a suicide bombing, or the Islamic fund raisers in Florida and Chicago with ties to Al Qaeda, wish to see the destruction of this country, it's freedoms and it's institutions.

It should be every American’s contention that any Muslim on American soil who, publicly or privately, through written, electronic or oral means, or through the use or dissemination of religious documents, either in the past, present or future, advocates or has advocated "Jihad" or the establishment of an "Ummah", is guilty of advocating the overthrow and destruction of the United States Government through violent means, a violation of the US Code on Sedition (Title 18, Chapter 115, Section 2385) and should be arrested and prosecuted for such.

The meaning of a word, as any linguist will affirm, is determined by "usage" and "currency". Both the usage and currency of the word "jihad" during the last fifteen years within the Islamic community leaves no doubt among reasonable people that it is an aggressive, imperialistic, call for holy war against the United States and the West. There is not a Muslim in the world who does not understand that it is a war against the United States and the West that is being called for when Osama bin Laden, Mullah Omar, Ayatollah Khomeinei , or the hundreds of radical clerics running madrassas in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, call for “jihad”.

We cannot afford to wait until the Radical Islamic Fundamentalists strike again. The United States government must aggressively move to rid the country of all Radical Muslims who do not accept the democratic institutions, constitutional guarantees and values of our society.

These threats to the United States and it's citizens: expansion of the Israeli/Palestinian War, Islamic Imperialism's dream of world conquest, and Islamic terrorism against the United States must be considered by all democratic, free people of the West as threats no less dangerous or pressing than any they have faced before.

Just as Islamic Imperialism has been defeated throughout history - in Spain, in Sicily, at the gates of Vienna, so now it will be defeated; but its defeat will require all free people of the West to pay a price - a price which all free people gladly pay whenever they are confronted by the tyranny of ignorance.

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Three Threats to America
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