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Rolling Up the Score, Passer Ratings, and NFL Prediction Results
Drew Brees was right to go after the yardage record when he did.
by James Leroy Wilson
January 3, 2012
Politics is Not in the Driver's Seat
God rides the bicycle of history, no hands.
by Everett Wilson
January 2, 2012
The Fragile Fabric We Call Families
How holidays stretch what's easily torn; PLUS, A New Year Dawns
by Greg Asimakoupoulos
December 30, 2011
A Christmas Dilemma
Where will you spend the morning of December 25th? PLUS; A Baby's First Christmas
by Greg Asimakoupoulos
December 23, 2011
The Vain Pursuit of Perfection
A "perfect season" is really just a record, but championships are what really count.
by James Leroy Wilson
December 20, 2011
The Toys Lesson
Teachings of a Child
by Hal Evan Caplan
December 17, 2011
God, Bless Us Everyone!
Tim Tebow's after-touchdown prayer PLUS; Longing for a Long-ago Christmas
by Greg Asimakoupoulos
December 16, 2011
If I Became Basketball Dictator
Let's make the NBA a real Association instead of one league.
by James Leroy Wilson
December 14, 2011
With Every Christmas Card I Write
Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift.
by Everett Wilson
December 10, 2011
How "Words With Friends" Became Words with Enemies
Alec, do you know how to spell C-O-M-P-L-I-A-N-C-E?
by Greg Asimakoupoulos
December 9, 2011
My Favorite Gifts at Christmastime
They're not what you might think!
by Greg Asimakoupoulos
December 1, 2011
Marking Time on Veterans' Day
The cadence of a grateful heart; PLUS, Sadness in Happy Valley and Herman "Raisin" Cain
by Greg Asimakoupoulos
November 11, 2011
Stumbling Upon Evil
As the Penn State scandal shows, people will react differently -- and the lesson is to remember to keep calm and maintain our rational faculties.
by James Leroy Wilson
November 9, 2011
Keeping up with the Kardashians
The low down on love and storybook romance
by Greg Asimakoupoulos
November 4, 2011
The Gates are Open
A tribute to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; PLUS, Seattle's Long-Awaited Facelift
by Greg Asimakoupoulos
October 28, 2011
Black Madness: A College Football Play-off Plan
And the bowl system remains intact.
by James Leroy Wilson
October 25, 2011
The Computer Lesson
Teachings of a Child
by Hal Evan Caplan
October 22, 2011
Road Rage on Wall Street
Has the American dream become a nightmare? PLUS; Speed Kills
by Greg Asimakoupoulos
October 21, 2011
Axioms and Reaxioms
Reaxioms, please
by Everett Wilson
October 20, 2011
The Greed Cop-Out
Most people who accuse others of greed do not provide evidence.
by James Leroy Wilson
October 18, 2011
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