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An Interview with David Lockington - Music Director, Grand Rapids Symphony
Q and A about the orchestra world and classical music with a cellist turned conductor.
by Drew McManus
August 30, 2004
Underneath It All
People continue to look for subliminal messages, despite what Dr. Spin tells then.
by Dr. Spin
August 23, 2004
Are We Just Too Nice In America?
How the docile nature of the American classical music patron helps make classical music dull.
by Drew McManus
August 16, 2004
Semolina Pilchard, Climbing up the Eiffel Tower
Trying to make sense of John Lennon’s nonsense.
by Dr. Spin
August 9, 2004
A Canadian Odd Couple
Alanis Morissette and the Barenaked Ladies in concert.
by S.E. Shepherd
August 3, 2004
It’s Art (Rock), Man!
Looking at the Art/Prog Rock genre.
by Dr. Spin
July 26, 2004
Everything That’s Fascinating About Classical Music
Live concerts provide an experience that recordings just can’t match.
by Drew McManus
July 19, 2004
Simply A Good Debut
CD Review: Simple Kid's 1
by Rod Scopint
July 18, 2004
Summer Spa For Your Soul
Finding an orchestra in places you wouldn’t think to look.
by Drew McManus
July 5, 2004
Everyone Loved Ray
Why I called Ray Charles 'one of the greatest'
by Dr. Spin
June 28, 2004
Using Music to Sell The Music
The San Francisco Symphony raises the benchmark for outreach programs.
by Drew McManus
June 21, 2004
Ray Charles On My Mind
Reflecting on the loss of one of the 20th century’s greatest musicians.
by Dr. Spin
June 14, 2004
Xbox Goes to the Orchestra
Will video game music be the only way to provide an enthusiastic, educated audience for tomorrow?
by Drew McManus
June 7, 2004
iTunes Without Icons
Why the iTunes Music Store is missing the classics.
by Dr. Spin
May 31, 2004
Some Of The Best Free Music in The Known World
The alternative to live orchestral music: professional military bands.
by Drew McManus
May 24, 2004
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
What caused the Beatles to break up?
by Dr. Spin
May 17, 2004
Playing the New Jersey Symphony Like A Fiddle
How Herbert Axelrod’s high brow con will cause long lasting damage to American orchestras.
by Drew McManus
May 10, 2004
Thunder from Down Under
An American view of Australian Rock.
by Dr. Spin
May 3, 2004
CD Review: Jim Black - 'til then...
Solid debut for an independent Christian recording artist.
by G.A. Johnson
May 2, 2004
The Good, The Bad, & The Digital
The newest chapter in the story of man vs. machine.
by Drew McManus
April 26, 2004
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