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Happy Birthday, Bob
The ten best songs by Dylan, and the ten best songs not by Dylan.
by James Leroy Wilson
May 24, 2001
The 77’s Latest Crowing
CD Review: A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows by the 77's
by S.E. Shepherd
May 3, 2001
Joey Ramone was no Einstein, but...
So what's a genius, anyway?
by James Leroy Wilson
May 1, 2001
The Lost Art of the Cover Tune
The top fifteen cover tunes according to S.E. Shepherd.
by S.E. Shepherd
February 23, 2001
Best Of the Best Of
Proposing the Best Old Artist Grammy
by James Leroy Wilson
February 20, 2001
'Jazz' by Ken Burns
Episode-by-episode commentary on the new PBS documentary.
by Mark D. Johnson
February 1, 2001
The Significance of 1
A look at the bestselling new Beatles compilation.
by S.E. Shepherd
January 8, 2001
A Worthy Comeback
CD Review: Paul Simon's You're the One
by Mark D. Johnson
January 4, 2001
An Interview with Hal Galper
Noted jazz pianist and educator discusses jazz, its audience, and its musicians in an exclusive interview.
by Mark D. Johnson
December 17, 2000
Older and Wiser, U2 Finds Their Groove
Review of U2’s latest album release, All That You Can’t Leave Behind
by Tim Johnson
November 30, 2000
Phil Woods Plays 'Bird with Strings'
Concert review: Jazz great joins the Chicago Sinfonietta in a tribute to Charlie Parker
by Mark D. Johnson
November 21, 2000
Elliott Smith Well Worth Checking Out
'Miss Misery' songwriter releases new album.
by Steve Schwarz
November 5, 2000
'Peter Gunn' Revisited
The classic Mancini soundtrack is still hip after all these years.
by Mark D. Johnson
November 1, 2000
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