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How To Alienate Your Audience in 10 Easy Steps: Musicians
A satirical look at how regular musicians negatively impact the future of classical music.
by Holly Mulcahy
December 1, 2008
How To Alienate Your Audience In 10 Easy Steps: Music Directors
A satirical look at how the bear traps awaiting music directors impact the future of classical music.
by Holly Mulcahy
November 3, 2008
With Friends Like These, Who Needs Critics?
Learning to enjoy classical music with a book club twist.
by Holly Mulcahy
October 6, 2008
When Life Gives You Lemons...
You don't have to give up culture during tough economic times.
by Holly Mulcahy
June 2, 2008
Does This Violin Make Me Look Fat?
The never-ending search for the perfect instrument.
by Holly Mulcahy
May 5, 2008
Trombone Envy
Even musicians benefit from learning about their colleagues.
by Holly Mulcahy
March 3, 2008
Too Much Information
Are concerts losing their edge because of too much talking from the stage?
by Holly Mulcahy
February 4, 2008
It's Time For 'The Talk'
Preparing for a career in music with eyes wide open.
by Holly Mulcahy
December 3, 2007
Are Orchestra Musicians Just Zoo Animals?
The unintended outcomes of orchestra fundraising efforts on musicians.
by Holly Mulcahy
July 2, 2007
How Competition Could Revive Classical Music
When did classical music lose its competitive edge?
by Holly Mulcahy
June 4, 2007
Mick, Buffett, and Me
A sailor's journey is for a lifetime...
by Larry Slay
May 2, 2007
An Interview With Paul Scarbrough, Russell Todd, and Christopher Blair From Akustiks
The art of acoustic science succeeds best with a healthy dose of human input.
by Drew McManus
December 3, 2006
Perhaps Less Is More
Is it time to re-examine the concert length formula?
by Drew McManus
September 4, 2006
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...
Does classical music really need to worry about how it looks?
by Drew McManus
July 3, 2006
An Eclectic Group of Letters
Dr. Spin answers questions on Gospel music, jam bands and more.
by Dr. Spin
December 26, 2005
Breaking Up Is Hard (And Expensive) To Do
The collapse of the Audubon Quartet raises more questions than it answers.
by Drew McManus
December 19, 2005
Voices and Videos
On attractive female singers and what makes a good music video.
by Dr. Spin
December 12, 2005
Sins of the ego prevent us from being as good as we want to be.
by James Leroy Wilson
December 8, 2005
The Natural Cycle Of Things
Yale School of Music’s free tuition neither hurts nor helps classical music’s future.
by Drew McManus
December 5, 2005
Dress For Success
What do musicians' outfits tell you about their music?
by Dr. Spin
November 28, 2005
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