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Bitter Melodies Turning Your Orbit Around
Rock music shows us that we are unwitting psychics and prophets.
by James Leroy Wilson
November 24, 2005
Classical Music Vacation Packages: You Can't Get There From Here
Why travel agencies and online vacation planners don't offer classical music packages
by Drew McManus
November 21, 2005
Should you listen to H.I.M?
A concerned fan questions a band's loyalty.
by Dr. Spin
November 14, 2005
Virtual War
For some musicians, their role in classical music's future has been shaken as recorded and synthesized music conspire to replace them.
by Drew McManus
November 7, 2005
An Interview with Violinist Frank Almond
Q and A with a triple-threat violinist: concertmaster, soloist, and chamber musician.
by Drew McManus
October 24, 2005
It's About Time...
With the launch of their new e-label, The Milwaukee Symphony drags classical music kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
by Drew McManus
October 10, 2005
A Brief History of Modern Music, Part II
Part 2 in a series
by Dr. Spin
October 3, 2005
Getting To Know You
Learning about the people who make the music.
by Drew McManus
September 26, 2005
A Brief History of Modern Music, Part I
Dr. Spin helps a fellow POer define the terms of contemporary music.
by Dr. Spin
September 19, 2005
What's Next After Hurricane Katrina?
What you can do to help out the hundreds of Gulf Coast Region classical musicians Hurricane Katrina has scattered throughout the country.
by Drew McManus
September 12, 2005
In the Moog
Reflecting on the death of the creator of the modern synthesizer
by Dr. Spin
September 5, 2005
Eine Kleine Nacht Verwirrung
Hoping the 2005-2006 orchestra season has something more to offer besides the typical onslaught of cookie cutter Mozart festivals.
by Drew McManus
August 29, 2005
Dr. Spin expresses a few of his own thoughts
by Dr. Spin
August 22, 2005
The Future Of Classical Music Is In Venezuela - Part 4
The FESNOJIV program has achieved sound accomplishments but could the program work outside of Venezuela?
by Drew McManus
August 15, 2005
'Scrubs' Are Not 'What You Need'
Reality TV should be no game for INXS and TLC.
by Dr. Spin
August 8, 2005
The Future Of Classical Music Is In Venezuela - Part 3
The process behind the Venezuelan program seems sound, but what about the artistic accomplishments?
by Drew McManus
August 1, 2005
The Future Of Classical Music Is In Venezuela - Part 2
Learning about where this remarkable Venezuelan program of classical music comes from and where it's going.
by Drew McManus
July 18, 2005
But Is It Music?
A look at mash-ups.
by Dr. Spin
July 11, 2005
The Future Of Classical Music Is In Venezuela
Part 1 of a trip to Caracas which led to a world of discovery.
by Drew McManus
July 4, 2005
A Tale of Two Bands
A review of the documentary film 'DIG!'
by Rod Scopint
June 19, 2005
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