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Is There a 'Limit' To Classical Music?
Some people who manage the orchestra industry argue that the business has reached its financial limit.
by Drew McManus
January 17, 2005
Song in My Heart
Dr. Spin looks at actors who think they can sing.
by Dr. Spin
January 10, 2005
Classical Music's Stunning Good Looks
New ideas in concert hall design concentrate as much on beauty and atmosphere as sound.
by Drew McManus
January 3, 2005
Who, Them? Yes!
A look at the best and worst names for a band.
by Dr. Spin
December 27, 2004
Preparing For A Rockettes Attack
Increased competition continues to take a big bite out of the market share for traditional holiday classical music programs.
by Drew McManus
December 20, 2004
One More for the Road
Dr. Spin answers another car commercial question.
by Dr. Spin
December 13, 2004
Classical Disconnect
Examining how classical music began to separate itself from the mainstream cultural consciousness.
by Drew McManus
December 6, 2004
Fame: What's in a Name?
What are the requirements for the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame?
by Dr. Spin
November 29, 2004
Open For Debate
Open rehearsals should focus on 'opening up' what makes the final product so meaningful.
by Drew McManus
November 22, 2004
State of Confusion
Of one-hit wonders and bands with similar sounding names.
by Dr. Spin
November 15, 2004
Carl Stalling Was A Genius
Everything you need to know about classical music can be learned by watching Bugs Bunny cartoons.
by Drew McManus
November 8, 2004
U2's Latest Spin
A review of 'Vertigo' in anticipation of U2's new album.
by Dr. Spin
November 1, 2004
Virtual Learning Environments
Can an inexperienced concertgoer learn enough about classical music from machines to keep coming back or is interpersonal contact more useful?
by Drew McManus
October 25, 2004
Sound Advice
Dr. Spin takes lessons from Dear Jon to heart.
by Dr. Spin
October 18, 2004
Peering Into Classical Music’s Future
Is the current model supporting classical music adaptable enough to ensure it will exist 50 - 100 years from now?
by Drew McManus
October 11, 2004
The Same Old Song
Dr Spin deals with questions about subliminal messages, yet again.
by Dr. Spin
October 4, 2004
Performance Enhancing Drugs for Musicians?
Is the scourge of the professional athletic world rearing its ugly head in the music industry?
by Drew McManus
September 27, 2004
Gabba Gabba Hey
Remembering the Ramones.
by Dr. Spin
September 20, 2004
Sex, Crossover Artists, and Oh Yea, More Sex
Sure, even in the world of classical music sex sells. But is it always worth buying?
by Drew McManus
September 13, 2004
Nothing To Say
The last words (I hope) about 'hidden' messages.
by Dr. Spin
September 6, 2004
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