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Okay, I Will
Forming a real 'grassroots' party.

by S.E. Shepherd
June 5, 2004

Recently on the PO, James Leroy Wilson wrote that those of us fed up with almost identical “two-party” system of elections and government should find a third party, any third party, and vote for their candidate. Creating a viable third option would send a message to both Republicans and Democrats that, as Dee Snider of Twisted Sister once sang, “We’re not going to take it anymore!”
After viewing the Libertarian, Constitution, and Green parties, I was still unable to find a party whose platform I felt comfortable with enough to vote for in the 2004 election. I asked Mr. Wilson (being the most politically-minded person I know) if there were any more legitimate political groups. His reply was basically no. Fellow PO writer Michael Thomson suggested I create my on political party. With nothing to lose and only a wiretap on my phone to gain, I have decided to try such a thing, outlining my party’s positions below.
I consider myself a moderate or perhaps a conservative socialist, and though Mr. Thomson suggested letting the PO readers name the party (which I’m still willing to allow), I am temporarily naming my party the Observation party. Common sense, something that appears to be lacking both in government and the country in general, begins with careful observation of the world around you.
Okay, really, since this “party” is starting with Partial Observer readers, “Observation Party” sounds good. “Partial party” sounds bad, and after all, aren’t current politics already too partial?
The Platform of the Observation Party:
Foreign Policy: The foreign policy of America, or an American government should always be “America first.”  America needs to look out for its interests first; otherwise is shouldn’t be called the “American government.”
That being said, America’s best interest is to not piss off as many nations as possible, by shoving our system and our way of life down the rest of the world’s throats. Diplomacy seems to be a lost art form with the current government; Observationists would try to bring that back. Raping a poorer country of all its natural resources because it allows Americans to by products cheaper may seem like doing what’s best for America, but if it causes a huge anti-American resentment in that nation, in the long run that’s not what’s best for America.
Domestic Policy: As I stated in my letter to the editor, I believe programs such as Social Security and Welfare need a major overhaul. Ironic, isn’t it, that so many people complain about the “bureaucracy” of modern government, yet many of these agencies are woefully understaffed. It is why many people on welfare can barely make it by, while others can afford swimming pools and plasma screen TVs. The system is broke; we need to fix it.
It’s also ironic that in a country with the best medical technology on the planet we have so many people that can’t even afford to see a doctor. Yes, I am talking about a National healthcare plan; I told you I was a socialist! A person living in Appalachia having access to the same medical treatments as someone in Orange County?? What a concept!
As far as the economy goes, I have no idea how that works. Anyone interested in creating a position on the economy, give me a call.
Creating jobs is not the responsibility of the American government. Unless it creates more bureaucracies.
Homeland Security: We never really worried much about homeland security before 9/11. See “Foreign Policy.”
Abortion: I am personally opposed to abortion; as a Christian, I believe all life is sacred. That being said, I believe Roe v. Wade opened a Pandora’s Box, and to outlaw abortion (if it were even possible) would be detrimental. Perhaps instead of making abortion illegal, we could reform social program so it would be unnecessary. But there I go with my social programs again!
Environment: I think this is one of the most vital, yet least understood issues of our time. Scientists can’t agree amongst themselves if there is a “Greenhouse Effect” or if there is anything we can do about, it if it does exist. Still, with gas prices skyrocketing, and the worry of pollution, it seems logical to invest highly in alternative sources of energy, and more fuel-efficient vehicles. This should have been done years ago.
The situation in Iraq and Afghanistan: The Observation party obviously will not be organized by the 2004 elections. Hopefully, if it is for the 2008 election, the situations with Iraq and Afghanistan will already be resolved.
The Israel/Palestine situation: Fellow PO writer Jonathan Wilson once joked the US should offer Palestine a county in Texas to call their homeland. The area would be bigger, the climate would be comparable, and they could stop worrying about the Israelis and anyone else shoving them out. I bet we could sweeten the deal by allowing them tax-free living and permitting them to open gambling casinos, like we do the Native Americans.
Gay Marriages: Not the government’s jurisdiction. A gay couple should have all the legal rights as heterosexual couple, including tax right offs and visitation rights in hospitals. Call it a “civil union,” marriage is a religious institution, and it is up to the churches whether or not to accept them.
Gay Rights: “All men are created equal.” I think that’s already been covered.
Civil Rights: “All men are created equal.” I think that’s already been covered.
Women’s Rights: “All men created equal.” I think that’s already been…oh, crap!
These are my platforms on the issues so far. If you have any questions, would like to know/express views on other issues, or would like to suggest a better name for the Observation Party, send a letter to the editor.
And remember the motto of the Observation party, “Somebody has to run the Country. It might as well be us.”

[Editor's Note: The Observation Party is the sole creation of S.E. Shepherd and is not affiliated in any official way with The Partial Observer. The views expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect those of the other or other Partial Observer writers.]

About the Author:
S.E. Shepherd does not want to be President. He would just like a candidate he could believe in.

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