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It's Show and Tell and Bull Time
Brawls, Steroids, and the BCS.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
December 12, 2004

It’s Show and Tell and Bull Time _Richard "Mr. Moo" Moore-Brawls, Steroids, and the BCS
I love sports. I used to consider myself the ultimate spots fan in that I love to watch it all. I know I’m not the 24/7 type of sports guy but I do watch it all. Football, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, tobogganing on the Olympics, sand volleyball, even the WWE (I know that it’s just a soap opera for big boys). I love watching the “Best Damn Sports Show Period” and Woody Paige (of ESPN Cold Pizza and the Denver Post) is a hero of mine.  But these past few weeks have been tough to watch any sports.
First the beers and the brawls. I’ve seen the tapes hundreds of times and it seems to me to come down to a disgruntled fan and a player caught up in the heat of the moment. I will never excuse the actions of any player taking off into the crowd to beat up a paying spectator. Their collective asses should be thrown out and punished. I’m not sure what will happen in court of law. I do know that if I am 5’10” and 50 to 100 pounds overweight, I am not going to throw an $8 beer at a guy who is 6’8” and is used to pushing guys around his size. That is, in one word, DUMB. Fines to the players equal to a life time of salary for the beer throwing crazy (probably just a part of a season for the player) would be good for the players involved. A true reality show could be 30 seconds of whoopin’ from any NBA team for the fan who started the ruckus. Imagine this: In this corner, “overweight, never played competitive sports passed 6th grade, stupid beer throwing fan”. And in this corner, “pissed off, hot, sweaty, adrenalin flowing big guys who just got notice they were cut from the NBA team of their dream”. Now, there is a pay per view that I would love to see. Come to think of it, allow the fan to have a tag team partner in Scott Peterson.
Off to the Steroids scandal. Does anyone really believe that these monsters got that size just by pumping weights? Many athletes will use anything that will give them a little edge in games that are measured by mill-seconds and fractions of an inch. Most of what they do is legal and probably ethical. But do we really believe the only time that dear old Sammy Sosa used a corked bat during a game was back in the summer of 2003? Do we really believe that the balm for sore muscles in question was not a steroid? The attitude by many fans seems to be, “so what?” or “you’re surprised?” I continue to be amazed at the “turn your head” attitude by most fans. But it happens at the college level, too. I had a friend loose his college scholarship because he said no to the “drug by trainer” business.  Because of the lack of self policing, we will see government intervention. Personally, Washington can’t deal with their own problems, such as overspending on everything. The government should leave the sports world to manage themselves. No, that is not letting the inmates run the asylum. Allow the players and the management to work on getting this situation straightened out. It is a problem. No more back burner.
That solution, management and players, may work well in professional sports but not in college football. The entire post season bowl picture is a joke. This year we have 5 teams that are undefeated headed for a bowl game. But let’s be honest, does a team with 3 losses deserve a chance to be in the same stadium with an undefeated team, as in Pitt vs. Utah? Personally I would like to see Auburn go head to head with Utah or Boise State in a nationally televised bowl game. I think we have seen great teams have to take a back seat to the National Championship possibility because of the BCS rankings. And for the sake of all concerned, please get the Rose Bowl out of the BCS situation. Their attitude of “unless we have the championship game, we will have the Big 10 champion here no matter how low their ranking” is wrong. Make them come into line with the other bowl game qualifications for teams to compete. But maybe the solution is something different. It’s time for a playoff system to take over College Football. There are 3-4 weeks off for a team who is highly ranked to wait and play for the National Championship. Foolishness! That month has to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars for schools and announcers and advertisers, not to mention the withdraw symptoms I go into during December for a good football game. Here and now, Mr. Moo will volunteer to be on the committee to come up with a system. As long as Woody Paige comes with me.

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Mr. Moo will address bull no matter where it is found: the court or the courts, the field of play or playing with the big boys and girls in Congress.

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