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by S.E. Shepherd
April 26, 2001

Taranchular_S.E. Shepherd-Poem. In the middle of Texas,
Nowhere, really,
They rode.
Just a bunch of doughboys,
Waiting for their moment in the War.
And a horse.

Big fat spider crawling across the dusty road,
Each arm moving its way across an old poster,
lying in the wastelands.
A hairy thing too, this mother of all ugly arachnids.

I should get a picture of this, he thought.

And so, he grabbed his camera and,

And he wrote the name down on the photo,
So he could remember it,
And maybe show his grandkids,
One day

Photo by J.F. Shepherd
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About the Author:
S.E. Shepherd would like to dedicate this poem to J.F. Shepherd, who passed away a decade before the author was born.

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