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Priorities in our world are all jacked up
Should it be who controls the US Senate or a human life?

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
December 17, 2006

I am furious. Most of you know that I am a loving little furball, as Rush Limbaugh might say. I can deal with almost anything from a calm perspective but I am furious about the press coverage given to the apparent stroke and surgery to follow of Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD). Being just 20 minutes from the South Dakota border, I am probably getting more than my share of press, but I have to say what I have seen stinks.
The issue as the media presents it is not that a man's life has been hanging in the balance but if Johnson can't continue in his roll as US Senator, will South Dakota's Republican governor choose a Republican to replace him? Now, I love a good political discussion as well as the next even year junkie but this is too much.
What we hear from the pundits is - But what if the Senate is tied at 50-50? Isn't this event going to destroy the Democratic hope of control during W's last two years? Cheney will be back as the tie breaking vote.
Who cares? A man's life is on the line.
For sometime, I have been wondering whether some of us, me included, take all of this DC stuff too far. Now I have my answer.
Now, I for one would like to see what the Democrats would do that would make the Capitol so different. I think about all we're going to see is that the president will use his veto power a little more. And if you don't get someone from the other side of the aisle to work with you, not much will get accomplished. But in the big scheme of things, life ranks at the top, not second to politics.
As for the view from this Midwestern pasture, Sen. Johnson "get well soon". And to the pundits that are talking about nothing but a tied Senate, get a life. And deal with things that REALLY matter.

About the Author:
Snorts of disgust from Mr. Moo have been heard into South Dakota, where almost everyone is focused on the important thing this Christmas - their senior Senator’s complete recovery.

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