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Horoscope for Week of August 5

by Jon Deer
August 7, 2001

Horoscope for Week of August 5_Jon Deer- Editor's Note: In this week's column, Jon Deer has taken upon himself to answer a letter sent to Dear Jon ("Mr. Mean"), which can be read here.

Dear Readers,

Well, Mr. Mean and the Webmaster have given you their opinions about my fields of interest. I had to take extra time this week just to get back to happy thoughts. Now I've had my session at the tanning salon, where I connected once again with my Inner Mother. Now I am ready to think nothing but good thoughts.

A question came up, regarding whether Voo Doo had any influence on Rock and Roll and its listeners. Mr. Mean responded in his usual, bigoted way. But I consulted my past lives, since I know the true path to the answers of all questions, lies within.

Voo Doo themes have influenced Rock and Roll. That is a matter of published record. Just think of songs by Santana, for example, or John Fogerty.

However, do Rock and Roll songs occasionally mask Voo Doo spell sin their lyrics? Are these designed to make perverts out of today's youth?

The answer to the first question is, "Yes," the answer to the second is, "Don't be silly!" (Not "thilly" Mr. Mean! I do NOT have a lisp and I do NOT put my hands on my hips and pace when I'm mad. Oooh!)

Voo Doo is just part of the Primary Belief Systems that were owned by the Earth's first, innocent inhabitants. They continue on, shaping and being shaped through cross-cultural influences, without losing their essential character. One thing that we have discovered, is the great similarities between belief systems that flowered around the world, systems rooted in Mother Earth worship, which see the person as part of the great force called "nature."

Now these beliefs are being recovered. Rock and Roll, returning to more "primitive" themes of animus, or the "soul" and its primary passions, naturally cross-over into the recovery of chants and "nonsense" syllables which characterize ritual incantations from primitive religions, whether Voo Doo or others.

So yes, the rhythm of the drums and the babbling of inarticulate syllables can be seen as spell-casting; the spell of the soul, the communication of passions too deeply rooted for words.

The second question is, is this bad or wrong?

Why should this be considered bad or wrong? A young person gyrates himself into a fever of passion, and finds another young person in the same passion, and they share their passion. Rock and Roll sings about this in real words, so why should the inarticulate sounds have any different meaning? And why is it wrong?

If you quote to me such facts as, teenaged pregnancy, absentee fatherhood, exploitative abortion factories, std epidemics and unscrupulous peddlars of condoms sexualizing children as young as 9 or 10, I have only this to say: Get off your soap-box and get with the times. It's not the 1990's anymore, you know. We have rights. We have choice. Consequences of our choices, as any reasonable person can tell you, are not Rock and Roll's responsibility, or Voo Doo's; they are the Government's.

Here's your horoscope, as channeled through Bel-Darius Jonas!

Aries: About this time of Summer, the air-conditioners begin to run out of freon.

Taurus: Gray skies, all of them gone. Nothing but blue skies from now on.

Gemini: That's cool. I wish I'd named my pet cat "Gemini."

Cancer: Avoid playing monopoly with kids under 12 unless you have a thorough rules conference in advance.

Leo: Always be five minutes ahead of the bus schedule.

Virgo: Wait until more DVD's are rented at Blockbuster than VHS, before you buy a player.

Libra: Time to sell that stock.

Scorpio: Cancer and Pisces called their Mothers last week. Ahem.

Sagittarius: You don't want to know.

Capricorn: Your plans to leave early on Friday come crashing down when your boss gives you a 35 page fax at 3:30 PM that needs to be proofed, reprinted and sent, with a confirmation received, before you leave.

Aquarius: Sometimes the "E" on a car's gas guage really does mean "empty."

Pisces: A grocery bagger will tell you to have a nice day, and you will wonder if he really cares that you do, but you won't say anything because you are too polite.

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Jon Deer is an open-minded, spiritually sensitive friend to humanity, unlike some columnists I could mention.

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