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Horoscope for Week of August 12

by Jon Deer
August 14, 2001

Horoscope for Week of August 12_Jon Deer- Now for something a little different.

Sports: Choking Season begins for the Chicago Cubs.

Politics: President Bush will be lampooned, criticized, and mocked by left-leaning politicians and media wonks.

Weather: Partly cloudy to partly sunny, with showers scattered across the nation.

Love: Millions of people will have sex this week. Millions of others will not and wish they had (men). Millions of others will not and will not think about it much (women).

The 12 Signs of the Zodiac:

Aries through Pisces: Bel-Darius Jonas tells me you can figure on your life this week pretty much being about the same as what your life was like last week, including in the "love" category. Special word for Sagittarius: Time to think about drawing up that Last Will and Testament you keep putting off.

About the Author:
Jon Deer does not cast horoscopes. Jon Deer channels the spirits of ancient astrologers, who know what THEY'RE doing.

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