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He Won't Come Back

by Jon Deer
September 18, 2001

He Won't Come Back_Jon Deer- Dear Readers, It is interesting, isn't it, that not one astrologer or psychic predicted the disasters that befell the nation and thousands of victims last week. No one called the President. No one warned the towers. If there were any substance to this whole charade, charts can be cast far enough in advance, that everyone could have been warned well ahead of time and the attack called off by the terrorists. And it is interesting, isn't it, that not one psychic, or "aura reader" or other channeler of ESP came out to help the rescuers by saying, "I know this person is alive and can be found in this direction," or by saying, "I'm devastated, but I have to tell you that I am detecting no life-forces other than the rescuers." Oh, the excuses will come. Too much psychic "noise" was created by the disasters and the public's responses. And I could go back to the star charts for September 11, and pretend to see something there I had not seen before, in order to restore a shred of credibility to myself and this "science." But I have a brain, too. These excuses are hollow, thin, and weak. Obviously, this pursuit has failed you and failed me and failed the nation. The future is as mysterious as God's will, and the future cannot be known or controlled. So I am going to voluntarily suspend this column, because I no longer have any confidence in it. Sincerely, Jon Deer.

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Jon Deer is a washed-up charlatan

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