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Lipstick Revisited
The pig that wears the lipstick is congressional pork.

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
October 5, 2008

Like many Americans, I watched with great interest to see the votes on Monday and Friday in the House. I wanted to see how sweet the pot would have to be for enough representatives to vote against the best interests of the country.

And it took a little lipstick to finally sell the bill to our "representatives", and I use that term loosely. Rep. Ron Paul (Common Sense R – TX) first commented on the lipstick. Paul said that if you put lipstick on a bill filled with pork, it is lipstick on a pig.

He's right.

The news media reported that better than 80% nationally were in favor of the bailout. I'm still trying to find 4 people in favor out it, let alone 4 out of 5. And when you find someone in favor of a bailout, they most definitely do not favor billions with no oversight.

And if the House let me down, the Senate showed the way.

Once again, the agents of change – McCain and Obama did not object to the pork added to the bill. When the bill went to the US Senate with $100 billion extra added – all pork – the Senate warmly embraced it. What in the wide world of Congress is going on? This campaign has heard both major candidates complaining against pork spending and McCain has even said he wanted to expose the benefactors (by Senator's names). But when vote comes to shove, what do they do? Vote in favor of the bill.

Stop the hypocrisy, I want to get off.

I did have high hopes for this campaign that we would see some credibility. A (former) Republican maverick vs.a newcomer to the national scene. After months of campaigning, we have a W clone and the same ol' say on one thing and voting another. So much for high hopes.

But now we have a bailout that screams abuse with no oversight and pork spending for dessert.


Maybe it's time to run for office again. I may not win but at least I would agree with one of the candidates.

About the Author:

Mr. Moo has considered running for office again but writing for the PO doesn’t require  selling out to pork products in order to get campaign contributions.

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