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Make Over and Make Up
Is this where the 2008 campaign has taken us?

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
October 26, 2008

Recently I have heard an issue surfaced that is new to the political front for presidential politics. No, it's not the move from the "L" word (liberal) to the "S" word (Socialist), even though that is new tactic to create fear in the hearts and minds of voters. No, it's not red state v. blue state v. swing state.
Over the last week or so, word is out that VP Candidate Sarah Palin has had quite the makeover. No, it's not a guest shot on TLC's hit, What Not to Wear, staring Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.
The makeover has included a new wardrobe in excess of $150,000 on clothes from stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. On Friday, word was out that there are two hair stylist and makeup folks on board her campaign plane that are working to the tune of $5,000 a week.
Now, I must say that I think the governor is an attractive woman and that her wardrobe on day one of the selection and announcement was looking very professional. But she needs to look top notch everyday.
But hey, we're not dressing up a guy here. A guy can get by on a couple of grey suits with a few extra pairs of pants, half a dozen white shirts and as many ties, preferably blues and reds. Which one of you guys, even in a professional setting or power position have much more than that?
Personally, I think the hype about Palin's wardrobe is Shakespearian in nature. Much ado about nothing. The big wardrobe and higher budget for clothes is not a VP thing. It's a woman's thing.
When the autumn of the year arrives and we need to change the items in the closet at home, I get a few sweaters out of the closet in another room and put most of the short sleeve t-shirts in a Rubbermaid container until the spring. My wife will take the better portion of a day putting summer items out of the closet to move them to a different room and bring in the autumn colors and winter outfits.
It's a woman thing.
News reports are making a big deal about the fact that Sarah's makeover for the campaign is worth more than Joe the Plumber's house. Is this really a surprise to anyone? It shouldn't be, especially folks in the media, who go through make-up sessions and try to coordinate their wardrobe for the camera. And then the provider of the makeup and hairstyle get a plug in the credits of the show.
I guess the worst thing about all of this is that as a voter, I don't care how many nice looking outfits that Sarah, Plain and Tall owns. On the list of issues facing our country, I don't put a woman's wardrobe nears the top. Heck, it's not even on my list.
However, the media seems to think that it should be.
1. Economy
2. War in Iraq
3. Health care
4. Global warming
5. Sarah's outfits.
Is all the talk because there are no substantive issues left to be discussed? Or is this another way to spin an already dizzy electorate?
The solution is simple. Vote early, turn off the TV and put on some nice music for the next week or so.

About the Author:
Mr. Moo has voted early and now is enjoying one of his favorite artists on iTunes. 

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