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DC Derby Winner Circle

by Dear Jon
May 26, 2009

Dear Reader,

Thank you to all who voted. In the case of software problems etc. some votes might not have gotten tabulated. Hopefully we will not encounter similar problems in the Freakness. But I think the results are pretty well decisive. Here is the call on the DC Derby.

As the horses head to the gate, a note about Peace Dividend: Some have objected that this is too old a horse to be involved in this competition. Well, we can chalk it up to the "Volleyball Club" rule. If you are in your forties and you are recruited by a club-team of twenty-somethings, good for you! What is against the rules is for forty-something teams to recruit twenty-somethings to play. So Peace Dividend belongs here.

We are still unsure, however, about "Is It Torture." The judges have all determined the horse's ineligibility, however the executive panel insists on running the horse.

The real talk of this race is how the dark horses such as "Media Clip" and "President of a Different Color" are going to compete with the two heavily favored stallions, the dappled-gray Arabian "Fog of War" and the green-eyed Palamino "Rush to Judgment."

And they're off!

Fog of War and Rush to Judgment have darted ahead to take the early lead, with Filly Buster leading the rest of the pack early. Is It Torture has stumbled out of the gate--and their appears to have been some kind of collision! Peace Dividend has rolled over but has luckily thrown its jockey clear. It appears that Shock and Awe bowled Peace Dividend right over in battling for an inside position. What a shame for the old horse. We might get a foul charged to Shock and Awe, but we have to wonder if that will matter even if the judges disqualify Shock and Awe, since the only law that seems to matter in this race comes from the executive panel.

The leaders are rounding the curve heading into the back stretch. Abundance of Caution has pretty much vanished from the field. Shock and Awe is running an aggressive race to catch up to the chase pack, but seems to have alienated the support of the crowd. Bail Out, President of a Different Color, and Media Clip are biding their time behind the two leaders.

Now we are heading towards the curve off the back stretch, and Rush to Judgment is a nose ahead of Fog of War. Media Clip and Shock and Awe are dueling a couple lengths back. Filly Buster, President of a Different Color, Fleeting Glory and Bail Out are in a tight pack well off the lead, and we have to wonder if any of them plan to make a move. And well behind the rest of them is Renewable Energy. No one seems interested in Is It Torture anymore, and where is Peace Dividend? The field officials have removed him from the track, but we have reports more of wounded pride than of any major injuries.

And at the top of the stretch the whip is being applied to Rush to Judgment, but Fog of War is making a move! The crowd has definitely gotten behind Fog of War, likely because of the similar sounding name to actual Triple Crown winner Man o' War. Bail Out, President and Media Clip have squeezed Shock and Awe out of position. There won't be any catching the leaders now as down the stretch Fog of War spurts ahead of Rush to Judgment! It appears that Rush applied the whip too early in the DC Derby.

Fog of War wins pulling away, four lengths ahead of Rush to Judgment. In a photo finish to show, Bail Out has the edge on President of a Different Color and Media Clip. Shock and Awe finishes outside the medals, but has qualified for the Freakness. So yes, despite the bowling over of Peace Dividend out of the gate, Shock and Awe will be in the mix in the Freakness show-down between Rogue State and Mission Accomplished.

Is It Torture made some noise late to finish ahead of the rest, with Filly Buster fading after a strong start, and then Fleeting Glory, Renewable Energy, and Abundance of Caution. These horses will not be running the Freakness. Depending on the Freakness results, we may see Filly Buster or even Is It Torture at the National Stakes. It appears that Renewable Energy and Abundance of Caution are finished this racing season.

So with Fog of War winning, Rush to Judgment placing, and Bail Out showing, we now have the race form for the Freakness:

Fog of War

Rush to Judgment

Bail Out

President of a Different Color

Media Clip

Shock and Awe

Return the Bonus

Mission Accomplished

Rogue State

Restart Button

Blue Collar

Hope He Fails

Be sure to vote early and to vote often. Results will be reported next Tuesday. Also, you can send Dear Jon actual letters for real advice, too. If I get actual letters I might answer them and just post race results, rather than doing what one you in the comments called "hackneyed political commentary." Well excuse me! I did not invent these buzz words, did I? 

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