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Give The Gift of Music
An unusual gift with purpose.

by Holly Mulcahy
May 31, 2009

Some of the most memorable and special gifts we received for our wedding were not kitchen appliances, towels, or even dinner sets, they were gift certificates. And not the obvious and ubiquitous gift certificates to department stores, but gift certificates to events like concerts and baseball games. We remember these trips during our first year of marriage with tremendous fondness.

As the wedding season gets into full swing this year, I find my schedule stretched and overloaded, with no spare time to shop for the upcoming wedding we are attending later this month. I initially panicked with the thought of frantically shopping for the appropriate gift. But during a rehearsal this week I had a sudden thought about giving this couple (who already seem to have everything) a gift that we so enjoyed; a gift certificate to an orchestra concert.

I went on line and found that many orchestras around the country offer fabulous gift certificate ideas. The couple will get to choose their concert, or apply the gift toward a season ticket package. Not only will I be guaranteeing the couple a nice night out, I feel it is a nice way for me to support the art as well.

Such a unique gift can be refreshing and extra special. And since it has been made so simple to purchase, I highly recommend that anyone who is strapped for time but still wants to give an original and special gift this wedding season, to consider the gift certificate to an orchestra. It benefits the couple, the orchestra, and hey, there might just be a tax deduction in there for you!

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