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Not Good to Be Alone
What God says and does, 4

by Everett Wilson
March 13, 2012

  Then the LORD God said, "It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him." Genesis 2:18

 When God  created Man in Genesis 1  the finished product was  two persons, male and female, without implying there ever was a man who had no  counterpart. Then chapter 2 "fleshes out," the creation by telling us that man was one and alone  before  God divided him into two.

 It is possible to infer  that the original man was, like God himself, a sexless being.  After God created  Adam (which means "man" as a human creature, not man as a male human; the Hebrew language had a different word for that),  God gave him a garden as a home and a work place. God filled the garden with living vegetation and   called the animal kingdom out of the dust.

Then Adam was no longer alone,  surrounded as he was by living creatures; yet he was still alone, because he was the sole representative of his kind. 

 That's when God crowned his creation, completing the creation of Adam by putting him to sleep and taking Eve out of him--Adam the male, Eve the female.    

 Since God was one and only, he could have but one image. So he made the image into two persons: like in essence, but differentiated so that between them, male and female, they could reproduce more males and females, each of  whom would bear the image of God. 

 The ancestors of the human race were at first one; by dividing the one, God made it so that all humans would ultimately have one ancestor, the original created in the image of God.    

 This may not be the way you heard it.  There are many creation myths and theories. but I am  telling you this one--what God said and did, according to the Bible, at the very beginning.  You may see for yourself as we proceed the correspondence between what he said and did, and  the world we live in. 

So far,

  • God  created all that is;
  • God created human being in his image;
  • God created nothing but Good;
  • God created marriage and family. 

So far, so good.  But we have not  come  very far.   In the Bible, the work of God does not end with creation.

  "[Modernist theologians] are so afraid of making Adam and Eve particular human beings that they forget that, if history is real, some particular people will have to turn out to have been Adam and Eve. In the day of judgment we may find out that they called each other Oscar and Enid and that they lived on a Norwegian fjord; but those will be only details. They themselves will have existed. And the essential historical fact about them will be not simply that our biological inheritance came from them but that allthe threads of the web began with them. It is precisely the rest of history that you lose if you unload Adam and Eve." –Robert Farrar Capon, An Offering of Uncles

About the Author:

Adam and Eve are more recognizable to Everett Wilson than are most of the characters in today's headlines. 

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