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The Bad Weather Lesson
Teachings of a Child

by Hal Evan Caplan
December 7, 2013

I learn lessons from my son, who is my teacher on a regular basis. He presents and teaches these lessons in many different situations. These lessons have no bearing on, well anything. I have no idea when the lessons will begin; however, I am smack-dab in the middle of the end result. I can honestly say that I love learning from him and look forward to each lesson.

Our vacation was over and we had a long drive ahead of us to get back home. From Florida, our vacation destination, to our house took four hours. Of course we stopped for lunch and restroom breaks, but talk about a long drive. Wow. My teacher was going stir crazy most of the time. To be honest with you, so was I. My teacher is always full of energy and was used to having an outlet when needed to "get the energy out" as he put it. He just wanted to be on his bike, skateboard or scooter at that moment so badly.

During our drive home the weather agreed with us as far as the rain went. We were very fortunate that it did not rain during our trek home. The skies, however, were very gray and overcast. It looked as if the bottom was about to fall out any second, meaning that it was about to pour down rain, for most of the drive home, but didn't.

Finally... FINALLY, we made it home. My teacher couldn't get out of the car fast enough. If bottled up energy could be sold, well then let's just say we would be "rolling in the dough", since my teacher was about to explode. Upon exiting the car, he immediately wanted to find some neighborhood friends to play with. He politely asked if he could go play. Of course I expressed that he could do that as I turned toward the car for a second and just like "that", he was gone. Upon turning back to him, or at least to where he just standing and since he was gone, I turned the corner of our house and saw him running at full speed towards his friend's house. I thought to myself that at least he is getting that needed energy out.

Meanwhile, my wife and I unpacked the car and cooler. Again my wife noticed the sky and that it did not look too promising. It really looked bad to be honest with you. The clouds were dark and it wasn't a matter of if it would rain, but rather how soon. My wife did not like this scenario at all. She did not like my teacher being out in the coming weather.

Exhausted, all I wanted to do was to just go inside and relax. I know what you may be thinking, "How can you be tired since you were merely sitting in the car for hours at a time?" For me, sitting in the car is so mentally exhausting that I feel more drained from that compared to playing in a hockey game.

Knowing this was coming, I fully expected what was about to come out of my wife's mouth. I knew... I knew it... I knew. My wife is a weather buff and knows all about weather and weather patterns and the dos and don?ts with weather. Basically she is a Weather Channel junkie. In the past she has voiced that she did not need any other T.V. station other than the weather channel. My teacher and I, well that's another story. We can only tune in long enough to see local weather which lasts on a minute.

She asked that I go find my teacher and have him come home. She felt that if it rained it was not fair if he ended up playing inside the house of a friend while it rained, with all of his energy. I moaned about it, but went in search of my teacher. We knew all of his neighborhood friends and parents, so it was just a matter of finding him at one of the houses. My wife asked if I wanted to take an umbrella and of course I declined, because I'm a guy and that is what we do.

As luck would have it, as I walked toward the house where I thought he was, it began to rain, then thunder and lightning boomed out of nowhere and then began to rain HARD. So I began to run. He was not at the house I originally thought. Oh, great. Thinking that he may be a few houses down, I went that direction and again, no luck. Okay, I need to get home to get an umbrella I thought to myself. I know that I would not hear the end of it from my wife, since she suggested the umbrella in the first place. The fact that I was now already soaking wet and dripping rain water everywhere, I knew she would use this situation at my expense and not let me live it down.

I opened the door and walked inside and she had this quirky look on her face with a towel readily available. My teacher mind you had the sense to come home and was standing in the kitchen upon me walking in the house, dry as a bone. Don't get me wrong, I was pleased that he was home, but a little annoyed that I was soaking wet. I was standing there starting to get a little chili from being wet and from the cold air conditioner blasting throughout the house, but I had no idea that I was about to be taught yet another lesson from my teacher.

"Where did you go?" I began.

"First I went to Joel's house and he was not there, then I went to Luka's house and he was leaving with his parents, then I heard the thunder and thought it was best that come home right away." He explained.

"So why didn't you go to another friend's house?" I asked starting to shiver.

"I heard thunder." He replied.

"Wow, I'm impressed that you did that." I reacted. Then he brought the lesson home in one sentence.

"I know that it is not safe to be outside when it's thundering and especially lightening." He quickly retorted.

My wife smiled at the sound of that and expressed that she taught him well. Then she turned to me and suggested that I take a hot shower. Now, this was a suggestion that I certainly needed to listen to.

I turned to my teacher and expressed how proud of him I was for knowing when to come home and to be on the lookout for bad weather. He thanked me, gave me an "air" hug, which was a hug that was very light and barley touching me in an effort not to get wet. Then he tugged at my side and also suggested that I take a hot shower.

In a nutshell, the lesson that I was reminded of that day was: It is important that you are not outside when it is thunder and lightning.

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