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On the Street Where We Lived
Celebrating Sesame Street's 50th birthday

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
October 18, 2019

There is Lombard Street and Wall Street.
There is Hollywood and Vine.
There's 5th Avenue and Broadway.
There's your favorite. There is mine.

Mine is where Big Bird is roosting.
Where a grouch lives in a can.
It's where Bert and Ernie squabble.
One likes oatmeal. One likes bran.

It's where monsters thrive on cookies
and Count Dracula loves math.
It's a street where rubber duckies
help a puppet take a bath.

It's a street that leads to memories
back to when my kids were small.
Sesame Street and all its muppets
outrank Lombard Street and Wall.

And this year this Street turns fifty.
What Jim Henson dreamed survives.
It's a road that leads to learning
entertaining fours and fives.

Happy birthday, Mr. Hooper!
Snuffy, Elmo, Kermit, too.
Thanks for all you have accomplished
and for what you still will do.

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