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A Man of Means
An Aaronic blessing to one of baseball's greatest!

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
January 22, 2021

Oh Henry! I just heard you died
and I am feeling sad.
You left your mark in baseball and much more.
Your home run record beat the Babe's
but mostly you stood out
by walking tall. That's how you really scored.

You turned the other cheek, like Christ.
You wouldn't let hate win.
You took your swings at racism with love.
By imitating One who died
(forgiving you your sins),
you voiced your values with a batter's glove.

You took your cues from "42"
and also from a King.
Both civil rights and justice fueled your dreams.
You meant to make your life pay off.
You meant to make it count.
And so you did. You were a man of means.

Peace to your memory!

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