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Ministry Reimagined
How the church will look post-COVID

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
February 12, 2021

Our world has changed.
So too the means 
to reach the least and lost.
I'm virtually beside myself
midst COVID's mounting cost.

I miss the handshakes and the hugs
of those within my flock.
I long for times within their homes.
But, hey, we'd best take stock.

Has "doing church" as we have done
been one more causality?
Has COVID claimed
both lives and plans?
That's what it seems to me.

Must we rethink
the bottom line
of what we're all about?
Can we discern what's time to go
and what still has the clout?

Is online worship here to stay?
Are chat rooms now the norm?
Will YouTube music take the place
of praise on Sunday morn? 

What's next will likely be a mix
of virtual and not.
We must make peace
with our new world.
Accept what COVID's wrought.

I'm guessing what is past is past.
It seems "new wine" awaits.
So while there's time let's find new skins
before it is too late.

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