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The Rush has Been Hushed
Remembering the voice of conservative Americans

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
February 19, 2021

He spoke his mind (and others too).
And even though his right-wing views
did not align with how I think,
he was a brilliant man.

In seven decades Rush achieved
what parents taught us to believe.
That we could reach our highest goals
if we'd but pay the price.

He dared to challenge status quos.
Hyperbole he often chose
to make his point and drive it home
(though often he was wrong).

But still and all, he entertained.
A one-man show known by first name.
A complicated talk-show host.
A friend to those I love.

A rush to judgment? There's no cause.
You might detest Limbaugh's applause,
but just because you disagreed
does not negate his worth.

Peace to his memory!

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