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A Mothers' Day Hymn
Remembering our moms with gratitude to our Heavenly Father

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
May 7, 2021

For our dear moms, we thank You God.
And for their patience we applaud
these ones who persevered with grace
and modeled love with their embrace.

Though far from perfect they were used
to help us heal when we were bruised
from trips and falls and life's cruel blows
and painful debts from what we chose.

We thank You God for Mother's touch.
Those gentle hands (we miss so much)
were calloused by all they would do
until their daily tasks were through.

And on this day we reminisce
remembering the moms we miss.
We sing their praise with grateful hearts
for all to us they did impart.

We call You Father and You are
but truth be told You're greater far
than simply Dad. You're Mother, too,
with tender mercies ever new.

tune: O Waly, Waly

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