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But Wait! There's More!
Ron Popeil's death prompts thoughts of eternal life

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
August 6, 2021

The recent passing 
of late night informercial pitchman
Ron (Veg-o-Matic) Popeil
got me thinking about our universal attraction
to short cuts and quick solutions.
But no matter how you slice it or dice it,
we can't cut corners
when it comes to becoming a Christian.
There's no earning a relationship with our Creator.
There's no getting cuts in the Disneyland-long line for Heaven.

We will never be good enough 
to merit the favor of a holy God
who doesn't grade on the curve.
But a God who refuses to wink at sin 
still couldn't close His eyes on those created in His image.
The Creator's heart pulsated passionately
like a mother for her child.
And God's unconditional love
for flawed imperfect individuals 
(like you and me)
drove Him to find a way 
for His righteous requirements to be met
without sacrificing His integrity as a holy deity.
Becoming one with us,
and experiencing our passions,
hungers, fears and grief firsthand,
this God-Man drank the poison of our plight
dying in our place.
His perfect life and undeserved death
was accepted by the Holy One
as just payment for the moral debt of humankind.
And that's not all.
The God-Man who gave his life
to meet the holy demands of a holy God
defeated death standing up
to those who laid Him flat.
But wait! There's more. 
All that is necessary for us
to experience the abundant life our Creator intended
has been achieved.
But we must personally appropriate the transaction
that was made on our behalf. 
To activate what has been funded to us
by an account transfer,
we must check the box that says "I accept."
By faith we must acknowledge our flawed nature 
and our need of a Savior.
We must thank a good God 
that our bad choices have been forgiven.
Isn't that great news?
Isn't that better than sliced bread?

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