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A Score Recalled
Remembering September 11th twenty years later

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
September 10, 2021

9-11… A score
from a game we will never forget.
As you will recall, that was the day
evil appeared to have won.
But evil started celebrating prematurely.
For in the end freedom prevailed.
Over three thousand lives
were taken from us that day.
But nothing can take away
the legacy of liberty
those lives
(and countless other lives)
purchased for us
with the currency of their courage
and their blood.
We recall their sacrifice
with unceasing gratitude
and ongoing sorrow.
9-11… A score of years has passed
since four planes crashed
and twin towers fell.
And every year we ring a bell
and read the names of the fallen.
We remember
that September day somberly.
A sunny morning forever gray.
We pray. We cry.
We lay a wreath.
And in our grief
we beseech Almighty God
to bless America once again
and give us cause to sing "Amen"
when love will triumph over hate
and peace at last prevails.

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