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The Challenges and Chances of Change
Announcing a coming change

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
October 8, 2021

Change is hard. It's rarely easy
changing gears or changing plans.
When you love what you are used to
change can humble any man.

But it also triggers chances
that you rarely ever see.
Change, like what's inside your pocket,
can fund possibilities. 

So don't thumb your nose at changes.
They can be God's gift to you.
When routines morph into boredom,
it is time for something new.

* Change is in the air! Next week's Rhymes and Reasons will be the final one on the Partial Observer website. After two decades the Partial Observer site is being retired. However, my weekly columns will continue on a new blogsite. If you automatically receive nortifications when new Rhymes and Reasons are published, you will continue to be notified. Stay tuned for more details. 

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