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Turn Your Words Into Cash
How to Make a Living as a Writer.

by Caterina Christakos
June 11, 2003

Turn Your Words Into Cash_Caterina Christakos-How to Make a Living as a Writer. Many of us love to write yet have this belief that only one writer in a million will make money. If we use conventional standards of writing perhaps this is partly true. There are dozens of way to turn your skill as a writer into cash though. Below you will find seven strategies to turn your words into cash.

1) Write about something that you love. Write a book about your favorite hobby, skill or any subject that you know more about than the average Joe. Create a pdf ebook using Adobe 5.0 and post it on every ebook site on the web. In most cases you can make up to 80% of the profits over and over again 24 hours a day, every time someone buys and downloads your ebook.

2) Use print on demand services like to publish your book yourself. Then submit a sample chapter to every writing site on the web. Give away this chapter with a link to where they can buy your whole book. You will be able to make up to 30% of the profits using this system 24 hours a day.

3) If you have a product or service that you are promoting and haven’t been able to traffic to your site, write free articles on a subject related to your product or service. Give your article away to web masters through sites like They get content for their ezines and newsletters and you get a paragraph at the bottom promoting your product or service. You also get a link to your website where they can buy it. More traffic to your site equals more sales.

4) Write ebooks for other people. Not everyone is a skilled writer. Your service would be invaluable to them. Charge a reasonable fee and have a referral program. When one of your clients refers someone to you, give them a percentage of your profits. This will help build your business in no time.

5) Write articles for other businesses. Again, not all businesses owners have this skill. You can write for cash or trade for advertisements in their newsletters and ezines.

6) Write the copy for web sites. Anyone can build a website. Not everyone can articulate well enough to get their customers excited. Scan the web for web sites that could use a little polishing. Politely offer your services.

7) Use your writing to create brochures, sales letters and advertisements for your own products and the products and services of your clients. A well written sales letter can bring in hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars. These are just a few ways that you can turn your words into wealth. Start with these and be prepared to be amazed at how quickly your business will grow.

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