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Responding to
How To Make A Difference in 2004
by James Leroy Wilson

S.E. Shepherd from Chicago, IL writes:
May 10, 2004
I enjoyed Mr. Wilson's column very much and was wondering if he could list more alternative parties, both right and left. I have investigated the Libertarian, Constitution, and Green parties, and none of these platforms are to my liking either. Is their a party that believes in reducing the role of federal and state government, and in reforming programs such as Social Security and Welfare so they are more efficient?

Michael H. Thomson from Merritt Island, Florida writes:
May 10, 2004
Why don't you form such a party - announce it on PO and then maybe a few of us who are interested could participate in an online contest to give it a name... - I'm serious.

James Leroy Wilson writes:
May 11, 2004
S.E. Shepherd's views reflect those of a few dozen frustrated Republicans in the House of Representatives. It also reflects the views of millions who voted for Bush in 2000. Economically and fiscally, it reflects traditional conservatism. Those millions should put their votes elsewhere, even if the third party choice is less than ideal. Because to vote for Bush is to affirm what he's done.

I don't believe there are other parties, except for scattered Southern Independence movements, unless Natural Law or the Reform parties come back. The more parties, the better, so that people can more perfectly vote for what they really want.

In your case, I would probably see what the local Republican candidates stand for, because they might fit closely to your views. But then, for President, voting Libertarian or Constitution will provide greater leverage for the smaller government crowd in Congress.

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