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A weekly commentary on ethical and absurd aspects of the news.
by Barnabas
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'The Issues' as Phony Campaign Issue #5
Competence stands alone, win or lose.
July 28, 2004
Too Incompetent to Cooperate
So we need a new agency, what else?
July 20, 2004
The Experience of Edwards
Phony Campaign Issue #4
July 14, 2004
Including the Kitchen Sink
Milosevic has only 150 days to present his case.
July 7, 2004
Stealing from God
The Omnipotent Telephone Company
June 30, 2004
Concerning Abortion
Common sense and dumb assertions.
June 23, 2004
Interests and Values
Indispensable mice, expendable humans.
June 16, 2004
Ethics and Absurdity at Belmont Park
The sport has heroes, but the odds look meaningless.
June 9, 2004
Raising Hopes and Dashing Them
Medical news as commercial hook.
June 2, 2004
Guns for the Guests at a 'Traditional' Iraqi Wedding
Celebratory gunfire in a war zone.
May 26, 2004
The New American Ethic
Let's see what we can get away with.
May 19, 2004
Illegal Function or Fatal Error?
Role confusion and national integrity.
May 12, 2004
Masters of Discontinuity
The buck stops at the bottom.
May 5, 2004
Why the Old Is Better
Reinvention as the death of professionalism.
April 28, 2004
Foolish Consistencies and Inconsistencies
Stale absurdities in the Bush White House.
April 21, 2004
Confidential, Classified, and Covered Up
The abuse of secrecy by government officials.
April 14, 2004
Extremist Goldwater, Brainwashed Romney, Bring-Them-On Bush
Why incumbents aren't crucified for saying dumb things.
April 7, 2004
The Politics of Shame
The Non-war against AIDS.
March 31, 2004
Ours Not to Reason Why
The President's call for 'no division' in the war on terror.
March 24, 2004
Changing the Subject
Negative Campaigning as Phony Issue #3
March 17, 2004
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Most Popular Curmudgeonry
The Electoral College, Archaic and Corrupt
In the hands of political strategists, that is.
September 15, 2004
Ethics and Absurdity at Belmont Park
The sport has heroes, but the odds look meaningless.
June 9, 2004
Protestant, Catholic, Jew
Not even an opinion anymore.
November 12, 2003
Mental Illness and Moral Depravity
The Conundrum of Lee Malvo.
November 19, 2003
Seats on the Fifty-Yard Line
Yet another American value.
January 12, 2005

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