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A weekly commentary on ethical and absurd aspects of the news.
by Barnabas
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Materialists Versus Fanatics
Is This as Good as It's Going to Get?
May 21, 2003
The Fallacy of Knowing Best
You have to know when to fold 'em.
May 14, 2003
Now It's a Recession
Unaware of the Caliber of Disaster.
May 7, 2003
War Against the Dixie Chicks
Rules of Engagement.
April 30, 2003
A Tax System in One Page and Under Two Hours
Congress Could Do It in a Week.
April 23, 2003
Not Surprised by Anything
Nothing is too bad to be true in war.
April 16, 2003
Tyrants and Terrorists
A fine line but a real one.
April 9, 2003
Cheerleaders and Prophets
Shallow Arrogance.
April 2, 2003
Moral Confusion in the New American Century
Is Iraq first on a list?
March 26, 2003
Taking Your Gun to Town
More Than One Moment of Truth.
March 19, 2003
The Insecurity Council
Talking bigger than they play.
March 12, 2003
Why the Iraqis Lie Like Crazy
Because They're Believed, of Course.
March 5, 2003
Shouting 'Death to Israel'
Academic Freedom.
February 26, 2003
I Won't March, Don't Ask Me
Protesting War.
February 19, 2003
Healthy Starvation
AIDS and Famine.
February 12, 2003
Pious Sounds
Prayer and the Maryland Senate.
February 5, 2003
Superman Redux
Brainy Ethicist Needed.
January 29, 2003
The Smoking Gun
An absurd metaphor.
January 22, 2003
Civil Wrongs
Is This My Country?
January 15, 2003
Charges of Manslaughter
War Isn't That Civilized.
January 8, 2003
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Most Popular Curmudgeonry
The Electoral College, Archaic and Corrupt
In the hands of political strategists, that is.
September 15, 2004
Ethics and Absurdity at Belmont Park
The sport has heroes, but the odds look meaningless.
June 9, 2004
Protestant, Catholic, Jew
Not even an opinion anymore.
November 12, 2003
Mental Illness and Moral Depravity
The Conundrum of Lee Malvo.
November 19, 2003
Seats on the Fifty-Yard Line
Yet another American value.
January 12, 2005

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