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Murder Creek

by David S. Smith
March 20, 2004

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The fog crawls out of Murder Creek.
Across the evening, a pale shroud sweeps,
Up the muddy banks, pass the rails on Leed,
A hoary delta in the empty streets.

The Spanish moss in the Cypress trees,
And the glossy pages of magnolia leaves,
Haunting reminders of lost chivalry,
Concealed in the haze of a shattered scheme.

Like phantoms of a clandestine creed
Hidden beneath their ghostly sheets,
It covers the faces of corruption and greed
In the murky phrases of a legacy.

And the shadows of night humbly concede
Behind shallow smiles of civility.
Up condescending paths, they quietly recede
To steal away where the darkness breed.
Unspoken truths, hushed mysteries
In the dirty waters of Murder steeped.
And bearers listed now deceased,
Rotting remnants of the ill-conceived.
But, in morning light the fog will flee
Like fading dreams of a troubled sleep.
The clouded memory of deeds unseen,
The fog returns to Murder Creek.

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O. H. Jackson from Memory, Tennessee writes:
March 20, 2004
The Murder Creek referred to in this E.A. Poe reminiscent poem, intersects with another stream named Burnt Corn Creek. Both streams have sad histories from DeSoto through the Creek Wars through the Civil War, and sadly to the present. David Smith has captured the essence of this little known geographical location in South Alabama.

Poetess from VA writes:
March 22, 2004
Nice work. I especially like stanza 3!

Vivian Watson from Milton, Florida writes:
June 4, 2006
I was born in Pineview, Ala., just outside Brewton, Ala. My husband and I visited our daughter today who lives in East Brewton. She told me about your site. It seems strange to see the poem EMMA JEAN. Could that have been Scottie Burns? Yes, it is a puzzle. I am 58 years old now. Seems all these small towns around here have their secrets. Been hearing stories for many years. Really enjoy your work.

Deb from Mobile from Mobile writes:
August 27, 2006
now I'm REALLY curious about Emma Jean. And who the heck is Scottie Burns? That name sure does ring a bell. I'm wondering if she's some long lost relative. hmmm

Loved this one, though. Like Mr. Jackson said, got the essence down. It actually evoked images of the era of McGillvary, Weatherford, McGhees, Mims, Steadhams, etc. Wow.

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Murder Creek
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