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Secrets Worth Keeping?

What the international conspiracy is trying to hide.

by Jonathan Wilson
June 7, 2004

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This article is a tangential response to James Leroy Wilson’s (JLW) “Swamp” piece regarding conspiracy theories. This article is not a criticism of JLW’s piece, which challenges the reader in many respects. I was struck by JLW’s “third motive,” that a secret international society might know of a secret so devastating that by nature those that know the truth would want to withhold the truth from others. JLW sets forward Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code as a hypothetical example.
Those of you who have kept track of my writing (try Google string “Cracking the Da Vinci Code Jonathan Wilson) know that I find absolutely zero credibility in the assertions of Dan Brown concerning the true nature of the Holy Grail and the “historical” Jesus. It is a novel that JLW admits to not having read.
It is obvious that the “secrets” of the esoteric Grail Quest that Dan Brown has made public do not constitute the “secrets” of JLW’s hypothetical conspiracy. It is obvious because these “secrets” have been open for several decades. They have been shared. The uninitiated are now aware, especially now, to the tune of 7.5 million purchases of Brown’s novel. These secrets having been divulged has not resulted in a crisis of civilization. Is it possible that these secrets would have spelled doom for the world at some earlier time?
Not all. The presence of the Islamic religion is proof that alternative histories of Jesus of Nazareth have been given official and religious credibility for over 13 centuries. The Qu’ran states plainly that Jesus did not die on the cross, and that Jesus was not divine. Muslim adherents now number in the billions, yet the Christian Faith has not perished, nor has civilization been doomed.
All of this is to say that JLW’s article, especially considering the “third motive” for a conspiracy, has me thinking: What secret is so devastating that to hide it is clearly in the best interests of humanity, and to share it is doom? Here are several possible “secrets,” and why they fail to meet the criteria that general knowledge would mean absolute doom.
  1. Suppose Joseph of Arimathea buried Jesus Christ in Glastonbury? This would be devastating to me, but so what? Muslims and Jews would not be surprised, and a whole lot of mainline Christian adherents would shrug their shoulders. In the jockeying for power, especially at the time of the Reformation, divulging the secret that Jesus Christ had stayed dead would have only ruined the Church. The rest of the world would have welcomed the evidence with relief and gone on with life. Especially now, when the Church is on the run for its own morally bankrupt and hypocritical leaders (as it was during the Reformation), the guardians of such a secret could let it slip and be considered heroes.

  2. Suppose intelligent life really DOES exist on other planets? Give me a break. This secret would not end the world. Most of western civilization has incorporated alien sentience into our mythologies: Look at the franchises of Star Trek and Star Wars. Christian authors such as C.S. Lewis and Madeline L’Engel pose the possibilities of alien sentience. For more discussion on that topic, check out “If Life is Found on Mars” here on the Partial Observer.

  3. Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Amelia Earhart and Jim Morrison are all alive. So? Besides, if that were true, the conspiracy would only be as old as Earhart’s disappearance.

  4. The Bermuda Triangle is a portal to another dimension. Human life originated on another planet. Atlantis was the first established colony on Earth. The physics that allowed megaliths such as Stonehenge to be raised, and the pyramids to be built, are rooted in our mystical semi-divine other-worldly origins, and are passed down through the Masons. So? Have you seen “Star Gate?” Most of this was published 30 years ago in the UFO hit Chariots of the Gods.

  5. Nessie is real. She is a living dinosaur. So?

  6. The big secret is incontrovertible genetic proof that the Japanese people are the most advanced evolutionary forms in the world. White people are actually modern day Neanderthals. I can see why a cabal of White people would want to keep that a secret, but it would not wreck my world.

  7. The Garden of Eden is located in Norway. Noah’s Ark was found on Pike’s Peak. King Arthur was a Mohawk war-chief who united the Five Nations, Camelot was a log fort in upstate New York and in 500 A.D. the American Indian dominated the world from Siberia to Scotland. Most European royalty carry traces of Mohawk blood.


    In each of these seven examples, divulging the “secret” would cause tremendous upheaval in the academic world, causing history to be rewritten and even theology to be reinvented. However, these first seven examples do not meet the criteria for being a secret worth keeping safe from the public.

    Yet I have one more thought turning over in my mind.

  8. Ancient calendars devised by Babylonian and South American astrologers predict the date of the end of the world in 2021. So does televangelist Jack Van Impe based on calculating Biblical prophecy. The big secret, though, is that Galileo spotted an asteroid and calculated that it would strike the earth in 2021. An international cabal formed during the Renaissance has been monitoring the progress of the asteroid and know it will be a “global killer,” causing a mass extinction in the aftermath of the impact.
For centuries, using blue-prints originally devised by Leonardo Da Vinci, scientists in the international cabal have been trying to devise two strategies to save humanity: First, diversion of the asteroid through explosives launched into space, and second, escape through space travel. This has meant creating an infrastructure of nuclear devices and space equipment, the deployment of a satellite array and the construction of a fleet of ships able to establish a moon station.
All those billions of dollars in deficit spending through “pork” and overpriced contracts are actually laundering the money spent on humanity’s salvation. But the most convenient means of creating massive expense overhead while receiving broad latitude to pursue secret projects is, of course, to create war-time conditions. Wars and secret operations are also good ways to bring down world leaders whose activities are, in one way or another, impeding or threatening the top secret “salvation in space” program.
The greatest secret in this web of secrets is that, if the missiles fail to deflect the asteroid, then realistically only a few thousand human beings can be saved. Those human beings have to meet certain criteria: that is, that they are the families of those people who know what is going to happen. And since those who are brought in to the “know” all have people they want to save, the motivation for keeping the secret is built in. If everyone knew what was going to happen in 2021, the program to save the few that can be saved would be put in peril, and the whole human race would be lost forever.
Thus, loyalty to others with the secret means everything. To know the secret is to be part of the elect, and the elect will never betray you because they would fear your reprisal. It is an airtight covenant. To be initiated into the secret would require several preliminary initiations to test the measure of loyalty and trustworthiness. As JLW hypothesizes, George H.W. Bush knows the secret. His sons do not.
This is a fanciful leap, but of all the things my fertile imagine can come up with, maybe this is the conspiracy that fits the bill for being a secret worth keeping. As for me, mass extinction by asteroid does not challenge my faith or cause me to despair. But I can see why those who would be “in the know” would not feel safe to divulge their plans with the world.
All that is left is for me to disappear or die under suspicious circumstances for the rest of you to start wondering.

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