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WMD's - They Are Among Us

Maybe not in Iraq but definitely here at home.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
January 16, 2005

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WMD’s - They are among us _Richard "Mr. Moo" Moore-Maybe not in Iraq but definitely here at home
Books have been written and will be written in the future about this issue. I will not volunteer to be part of the rush to sell a million copies. But the bull is clear.
It has been determined that there are not weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Or at least that is what we have been told. Now, I do not put it passed the former leaders of that country to have hidden them in foreign countries or used them as part of a fireworks display to celebrate whatever. Right now, it doesn’t matter to the Moo if there were WMD’s or not.
Here in this country we have been witness to WMD over the last few years. Words of Multiple Deceptions. I am very disappointed in the president. He continues, as recent as the Barbara Walters’ interview this week to insist that we had every right and even a responsibility to attack Iraq. We are told the world is better off with out Sadaam Hussein.
It is a good thing that some other country in this world doesn’t follow our example in that issue. If we don’t like the leader in another country, attack. The president wouldn’t make to end of term one let alone term two if others followed our lead. Somewhere in the world there are countries that say the world would be better off without George W. Bush. The president said it was right to attack Iraq. Somewhere in the world, there are countries that say it would be right to attack us. No, 9-11-2001 was not an attack against us by a country.
Some of us were taught that when we do something wrong, when we tell a lie, that we should apologize. The president should apologize for his use of WMD’s against us. But he won’t apologize. And he will continue representing our country to spend billions to cover his WMD’s. Or is he covering something else?
More than a thousand young men and women from our military have lost their lives because of a war started because WMD’s that didn’t exist in Iraq and did exist here at home. Tens of thousands maybe even a hundred thousand of civilians will lose their life because of WMD’s here in America, not in their homeland.
And the money. Imagine if we had spent 10% of the money spent on Iraq helping the world recover from the deadly Tsunami. We would be a world leader worthy of their respect. Now we have neither the money to help nor the respect of the world.
For this humble citizen to a president that supposedly holds the same standards sacred (God’s standards), I am embarrassed. I am angry over his actions based on deception. I am weeping for those who are dead for no good reason. I am willing to call this war and this administration what it really is, bull.

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Michael H. Thomson from new resident of Paeonian Springs, Virginia writes:
January 17, 2005
Mr. Moo,

I am very sympathetic with your comments. Bouncing off of your article, I have a few of my own.

Newly arrived to the Washington D.C. metro area, I've made a few disconcerting discoveries.

Within 20 miles of the Capitol Building it is becoming more and more difficult to find anyone who speaks English. Recently I was in a K-Mart where it took almost thirty minutes to purchase an ironing board. The lady clerk with the tight black scarf on her head finally was able to help me out but it took a lot of sign language to get there. My experiences so far tell me George W is doing some double talk about his positions on immigration reform. I don't think he wants any. In our nation's capitol, there are more illegals queued up looking for jobs as day laborers than any place I've seen in my travels including Texas. Makes you seriously wonder if the administration and the public are on the same page about Homeland Security.

The government (I sense) doesn't belong to the people anymore. Yes, yes, I know we all vote for our favorite representatives, presidential candidates etc. We are smug that they will do the right thing for us - that is until they don't - then we run into real problems trying to get access to these people to let them know our gripe. Unless you are in the upper tiers of a political party, a professional lobbyist, or the President himself don't expect too much more than a fakey thin smile and a quick look at the watch as golden haired hometown boy - now royalty - heads down the hall for another meeting. This idiot has learned there is a better payoff representing his/her party or special interest group than representing YOU! The problem isn't just George, Mr. Moo.

I think, Mr. Moo, that we are going to be in Iraq for a long time. By invading Iraq we have fallen into a well thought out and very clever trap which will drain our vitality for many years.

American long term strategic thinking is in reality - only four years - from election to election. People who study the more radical tenets of Islam, carry Kalishnakovs, and live in caves - hiding out - have plenty of time to think and plan... strategically looking at 10 to twenty years. The Chinese(another potential problem) - who don't talk too much, reputedly plan 45-55 years out - of course at the moment we dont have to worry those long thinking Chinese - I wonder if anyone in the administration does?

Have you noticed that we haven't had any terrorist acts on our citizens since 9-11? Have you wondered why that is? Is our safety a result of the diligent efforts of HomeLand Security? Probably not.

Suppose after the elections in Iraq, George W decides to pull out - quickly. Is everything over? I think not. I would speculate(and that's all I can do) that shortly after all the troops are safely home that domestic terrorist attacks will start again with a vengeance.

What will be our reaction? After tightening security so much that we will have to show two sets of picture ID to buy groceries, guess where the troops will be redeployed? You guessed it - Iraq. Then everything will calm down again. Sort of Pavlovian, don't you think?

The enemy has a goal - the domination and re-conversion of the Middle East to their brand of Islam and - a BLESSING - a big powerful rich country - who responds appropriately to their manipulation and helps them achieve that goal!

Expect more blood, more lamenting widows, mothers, brothers and sisters. until we climb out of the hole we've dug for ourselves.

Please God, bless America and give us a dose of wisdom, while You're at it.

RioShannon from Madison, AL writes:
January 26, 2005
When I read such attacks on our presence in Iraq, it amazes me that all people making the attacks conveniently forget that everyone at the beginning of the war believed there were WMDs in Iraq - and not just because GWB said it. There was reasonably good intelligence that led to that assumption. The entire Congress overwhelmingly voted to go to war in Iraq. Yet so many of those who voted FOR the war, now conveniently forget that vote and attack the President for doing exactly what everyone agreed that he should do!

Mr. Moo from the heartland writes:
January 28, 2005

Thanks for reading the column. I hope that our disagreement on this issue will not prevent you from coming back often. I mentioned that I was not one who believed Iraq was involved in the 9-11. I believe that this war didn't have anything to do with existence of WMD. I'm sure Iraq had them and probably got them in part from us when we considered them an ally.

If our logic is attack because of WMD’s we are going to be at war with too many countries for a long time. I hope that is not the case.

I am not a Johnny-come-lately to the issue as I was the only US Senate candidate in Iowa in 2002 who spoke out against the war. I don’t feel better than the rest for that position, because my position now or then will not change the fact that men and women are dying daily. That breaks my heart and I hope those in positions of authority will act as if their hearts are broken over the loss of life, too.

Mr. Moo

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WMD's - They Are Among Us
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